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Space™ by David Occhino

A 1970s space font style, updated for the 21st Century with razor-edged crossbars and squarish edges.

Space font - Space Mountain font by David Occhino DesignSpace font - Space Mountain font by David Occhino Design

Character Set

Space has a set of 240 glyphs:

• Latin A-Z, a-z
• Complete punctuation
• International characters
• Mathematical symbols


Space font Character Set


• Space™ Regular

Space™ Regular

• Space™ Oblique

Space™ Oblique

• Space™ Bold

Space™ Bold

• Space™ Bold Oblique

Space™ Bold Oblique

• Space™ Heavy

Space™ Heavy

• Space™ Heavy Oblique

Space™ Heavy Oblique

• Space™ Outline

Space™ Heavy Outline


Additional Samples

• The following type specimens use all six styles of the Space™ typeface family.

Space™ Regular

Space™ was designed by artist David Occhino.
©2017 David Occhino Design.

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